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Are you worried about the state of your home’s roof? Are youtrying to prolong the life of your roof on your commercial property? Sometimesa simple repair or scheduled maintenance is all that’s necessary. Other times,you may be forced to complete a full replacement. But no matter what your LosAngeles property needs, you can rest assured the experts at Refined Roofing canhandle it. We’re an experienced roofing contractor proudly serving residentialand commercial clients in Los Angeles, California.

Your Top Source for Residential & Commercial Roofing Services

At Refined Roofing, we believe that knowledge is power. Thisworks in two ways. First, we know that helping you gain the best understandingof the products you’re buying will enable you to make the best decisions foryour home or business. Second, we know that when our crews have undergone thetraining and developed the skills for all kinds of roofing services, we canprovide you with the very best service in LA.

Refined Roofing is proud to offer our customers thefollowing services:

Residential & Commercial Roof Replacement

We are a Platinum Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning®,the industry’s leading shingle manufacturer, and can thusly offer youcutting-edge products with incredible warranty protection. We can install anyof Owens Corning’s shingle styles and will work with you during yourconsultation to identify the perfect fit for your home or business .What’s more, our commercial customers can also choose to have us installlong-lasting metal roofing systems onto their buildings.

Residential & Commercial Roof Maintenance & Inspections

Refined Roofing can conduct a thorough, 25-point inspection thatleaves no stone or shingle unturned. But while we’ll always do this for ourone-time services, the best way to ensure a future inspection turns up nounpleasant surprises is to enroll in one of our roof maintenance programs. Residential and commercial customerscan have our team come out periodically to conduct check-ups and fix any smallissues before they can snowball into something worse.

Commercial Roof Repair

As your commercial property ages, it endures multipleseasons of harsh weather, it’s natural to see some wear and tear on the roof.When the damage accrues, you may want to consider getting service from anexperienced roofing contractor. Let the Refined Roofing team restore yourcommercial building’s roof to its former glory with our roof repair service.

24-Hour Emergency Service

When a storm or other event causes damage toyour roof, don’t hesitate to call Refined Roofing. We’ll come out to yourproperty as soon as we can to protect your roof from further damage, weather effects, and possible insect or pest infestations.

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Want to ensure you make the best choice for your roofingproject in Los Angeles, CA? Refined Roofing is the go-to roofing contractor foreverything from roof repair and maintenance to a full replacement. Get in touch  tolearn more during a free home consultation. You can also fill out our onlineform to set up a free quote rightaway.

See What Our Customers Have to Say!

"These guys are FANTASTIC!!!! I had the replace the roof on my back guest house because it was leaking during rains and I store a large portion of my artwork out there. They were completely professional and the quality of work along with their pleasant attitude each day made the whole project much easier to deal with. It just rained TODAY.....and no leaks. I highly recommend these guys."

Jeff L.

Tampa, FL

"The Refined Roofing team did a great job for home! From start to finish. They showed up on time for the initial meeting to survey and quoted me on the spot. The pricing was very reasonable. And they executed the job completely without hassles."

Samer A.

Tampa, FL

"Phenomenal job, and got the work done quickly, and efficiently! Very appreciative!"

Joey D.

Tampa, FL

"My experience with refined roofing was very honest simple and easy. They made the task of having the roof replaced a lot easier than I anticipated. The crew was always on time they were very neat, clean and professional. I highly suggest you use this company; you will get better sleep at night not having to stress on the small details because they take care of those for you."

Timothy A.

Tampa, FL